Healthy Desserts For You

Who says desserts have to be bad for you? The fact is that most people crave sweets at one time or another. If you start depriving your body of the sweets it needs, you may find yourself pigging out on a whole box of cookies one rainy afternoon. So, you need to allow yourself the opportunity to eat the sweets your body needs to be satisfied.

The truth is that you don’t have to indulge in those horrible desserts however. You can choose to eat healthy desserts that will not add inches to your waist. The best thing to do is choose desserts that are made with fruits and low fat ingredients.

One of the best things you can serve for dessert is strawberries and whipped cream. Both the strawberries and whipped cream are low fat and healthy snacks. The whole thing will give you the satisfaction of the sweet taste. If you are a chocolate lover, you can even throw in some non-fat chocolate syrup if you want to add more taste.

In addition, if you must have those treats that you think of as being homemade or fattening, you can always choose to go for the sugar free types. When you eat things made with sugar alternatives, you will cut back on a majority of the calories that come along with the traditional versions. Desserts don’t have to be bad for you after all! So, start looking for healthy desserts to indulge on and let yourself have a little fun once in a while with your food.

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Healthy Dessert Recipes and the Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

When we often think of healthy dessert recipes, we automatically think of something that resembles a tasteless oatmeal cookie. It isn’t uncommon for an image of a heaping bowl of ice cream; a sundae drizzled with strawberry sauce or a tray of Entenmanns’s chocolate brownies to personify real images of sweet tooth cravings.

The truth is that healthy desserts don’t have to be bland, and the danger in traditional desserts goes much deeper than a simple sugar high or fat content overload. In almost all packaged desserts you will find high fructose corn syrup. In fact, in baked goods, ice cream, and even canned fruit you will find high levels of HFCS-42, which is 42% fructose and 58% glucose.

There is a debate among manufacturers and dieticians about how bad high fructose corn syrup is for you, but if you are looking to lose weight, feel great, and clean out your body’s system of chemical by-products, then cutting out traditional desserts and prepackaged cakes will be the first way to do so.

What Happens to a Healthy Eating Plan When High Fructose Corn Syrup is involved?

First of all, you cannot have a healthy eating plan that includes high fructose corn syrup. However, you may be eating “healthy” products and not even realize that you are ingesting this dangerous form of corn sugar.

The problem with high fructose corn syrup is that it can actually lead to fat gain. Many people are deathly afraid of eating “fat” and as a result turn to fat-free of low-fat options. But these actually contain more harmful substances that increase shelf life than eating the full fat version of these foods. High fructose corn syrup is sugar from corn, however it has the power to increase hunger and actually increase your cravings for sugary treats.

Additionally, in order to have a truly healthy eating plan you must cut out artificial food. All artificial foods such as cereals or low-fat substitutes like margarine, Crisco and the majority of frozen meals as well as packaged foods contain high fructose corn syrup.

The substance increases shelf life so many food manufacturers put it in their products. In order to see healthy change in your body you must stick to all-natural foods.

What are Considered “Natural” Foods in Order to Develop an Eating Plan to Lose weight?

Anything in the produce section of your grocery store can be considered natural. Here are a list of foods that will work with your body’s design in order to lose weight and increase your overall health:

- Unprocessed fruits and veggies (organic is preferable)

- Unadulterated fats- whole, natural butter and extra virgin olive oil

- Whole seeds and grains (such as spelt, barley, and un-roasted sunflower seeds)

- Raw dairy (unpasteurized products are full of calcium and healthy bacteria)

- Organic, grass-fed meats and organic free-range poultry

Choosing the best quality foods may perhaps be the single most important choice you make when trying to develop a healthy eating plan in order to shed some weight. Too often, we simply believe that a program or a special shake or miracle pill will do the leg work for us.

But in actuality, getting back to the basics with our food choices and committing to eating whole, organic foods in their natural state is the most healthy way to experience long and lasting weight loss results.

Here is a favorite healthy dessert recipe that only uses natural foods:

Rich Coconut Truffles

1 c. raw walnuts

3/4 c. Medjool dates (pitted)

1/4 c. coconut milk

4 tbsp. carob

4 tbsp. honey

One handful of shredded dry coconut

Simply blend these ingredients in a food processor (except dry coconut) and refrigerate. Once chilled, roll into balls and dust with shredded coconut.

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How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Healthy Desserts

Is it possible to have an extremely satisfying and healthy dessert? Or is that just wishful thinking? When you think of healthy desserts, do you envision yucky granola bars or prunes that could never satisfy your sweet tooth? Well think again! The good news is that there are healthy and great tasting dessert alternatives you may not have tried yet. These may be far more satisfying than you realize.

Let’s have a look at some of the alternatives. Did you know that partially milled rice creates a fantastic alternative to sugar? It can be turned into a syrup which they call, appropriately enough, rice syrup. Rice syrup tastes great and is good for you. It is high in fiber, magnesium, and zinc. It tastes great on pancakes or bread or with fruit. You can even put it in a smoothie to sweeten it up. In health food stores you can find frozen desserts and cookies made from milled rice. Look for this or order it online.

What else is there? Did you know that there is a great tasting alternative to chocolate? It is called carob. Studies show carob is beneficial for digestion and it can lower your cholesterol level. Stevia extract is another great and healthy alternative to sugar. A lot of people add stevia to their tea or coffee drinks. It usually comes in a liquid extract or powder.

Mixed fruit and dried fruit (preferably not sugar coated) are of course great alternatives too. But don’t just think raisins. Those can get boring. Branch out! Two of my favorites are dried mangoes and dried persimmons.

Remember: there is a whole array of healthy, great-tasting desserts out there you may not be aware of. Order them online or go to your local health food store and ask someone knowledgeable about nutrition for suggestions.

Now, in addition to finding the healthy alternatives, you have to cultivate the right attitude toward them. “Yuck, oat cakes!” is NOT an attitude that will leave you satisfied. If your main thought is “Yuck” you can all you want and your craving for mainstream desserts or candy will still be there. In order to let go of the craving, or satisfy it with healthy sweets, you have to let go of the “yuck.”

Similarly, pretending you like something you really hate is not a solution either. You need observe and uproot the deepest reason you do not like it. You have to get to the heart of the judgment. “I hate dried fruit” may be one layer. But what is underneath that? Have a close look.

You might find a thought such as this: “Dessert is my reward and dried fruit is not a big enough reward.”

Look for the deepest thoughts you have about food and dessert and nourishment. That is where your cravings originate from.

Start with your emotional outlook. Consider the reason you may not be getting total satisfaction from a healthy dessert is not just its taste or ingredients; it could be emotional.

Are you looking for “sweetness” in the metaphorical sense of the word? Are you looking for the feeling of “sweet” sugar seems to give you? There may be an emotional void you are trying to fill. This is okay. Most people are looking for this in some way. We all want the light headed euphoria that can come from eating sweet foods. But when this feeling comes from junk food, it is only a high, and there are costs to it. Be willing to change.


Through acceptance and practice. You can get natural highs from healthy desserts, if you are patient enough to practice giving them to yourself while you eat. Choose to give your self the natural high. Realize desserts do not really give you the good feeling. You do.

Give good feelings to yourself. Eat consciously. Breathe while you eat. Savor the sweetness level you can taste. If you are eating dried fruit for example, fully experience its taste. Don’t compare it to any other food. Focus on what you are eating. If you connect to your inner sweetness while you eat, one day, you may be pleasantly surprised to see that even an oatcake can satisfy your sweet tooth completely.

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